Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fan faire 2009 pictures

Having unearthed the cable for my camera in the unpacking process, I've finally been able to download the photos I took at Fan Faire this year! Here are a few...

Domino and Kaisha:

Domino and Lera, the (not a) Frostfell Elf

One of our wonderful volunteer Guides, all the way from Germany!

Breakfast with Tosta and Spindel of the Vagabond Knights

Fyreflyte having fun with items

Domino and Dellmon of the EQ2's day podcast

Rijacki in her hand-crafted Bixie Queen (from FreeRealms) costume

A siren, whose name I unfortunately didn't note down, competing in the costume contest
Brenlo greets a ranger...

Two halflings: Domino and Niami of EQ2Traders. This was the last photo of Fan Faire, after the final closing banquet, so we're both looking a bit tired ... more than a bit tired!

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