Friday, July 17, 2009

Absolute pants

Ahhh ... the next expansion approaches in EverQuest II, and with it a level cap raise, which means 10 more levels of recipes for me to create for every tradeskill class in the game.

And although I have spreadsheets and scripts and things to generate large numbers of items in bulk, there is still hands on tweaking required, and inevitably, bugs. Particularly when large numbers of items are generated, there are potentially large numbers of bugs -- because even if you have a bug rate of less than 1%, when you create thousands of files, that still adds up.

For some reason I found this bug very funny. I'm not quite sure why. But it made me laugh.

Exp06: Tradeskill: Items: The item Marr Cherry Crepe has the icon of pants. (C)

The item Marr Cherry Crepe icon is pants

1. /spawn 084_03_marr_cherry_crepe

Notice that icon of the marr cherry crepe is pants.

(This may be slightly funnier to me since I'm accustomed to the UK slang use of "pants".)

Time to get fixing ...


  1. When I was in college, the registrar decided it would be a brilliant idea to have the new IT guy implement an automated scheduling program for making room assignments for courses based on pre-registration numbers. The system failed to understand the distinction between classrooms and other rooms, placing a variety of seminars in Professors' offices and, in one amusing error, putting a Gay and Lesbian Studies course in a closet.

    You should get the art department to make a mediocre-looking crepe icon to stick on the crepes, just so that it will still be pants. :)