Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Mighty Muggs!

Regular readers of this blog (yes, all 3 of you) might remember that I and other SOE staff decorated some little figurines called Muggs to auction off at this year's Fan Faire.  (My blog about the one I made can be found here.)

The SOE Muggs, awaiting auction:

Well!  Little did we suspect it, but we apparently inspired Dellmon and Aliscious, the co-hosts of the EQ2Talk podcast, to make their own Muggs of each others' characters.  Which fabulous works of art they are now auctioning off, with the proceeds to go to the Child's Play charity.


So, if you want to see more details of their Muggs, make a bid to support a good charity, or just obtain a model of Dellmon to burn in effigy, check out their page with the details.  You have till December 31st to bid, so (as Dellmon would say), bid early and bid often!

As for my Mugg, he was purchased by EQ2Traders, who last I heard were taking suggestions on a wide variety of nasty things to do to him.  Poor Qho!

Edit:  an update to note that Dellmon also commissioned a professional artist to create an Ali Mugg for her Christmas present.  Here's the result, which is pretty impressive!

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  1. Notice that the professional Ali Mugg is wearing a tradeskill outfit :)