Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What do players want?

More selected feedbacks that amused, confused, or interested me, from our players! <3


Text: I've only been playing EQ2 about 5 months but it is my very favorite game. I only have one complaint.

I think it should be sexier. An actual underwear or bikini naked look. Sexy appearance items and gear that shows leg, stomach, and cleavage (more than just the monk gi's). Sexy race specific dances. More flirtatious emotes.

These are the only things keeping EQ2 from being the greatest game on the planet. Thank you.


Text: I love my rhino mount but I HATE the "thump thump" sound when it gallops!
Can I get a muffler for it?


Text: Can you make the quest npc that starts the berserker epic weapon timeline not so stubborn please!!! Its driving me crazy!


Text: Why do the citizens in Qeynos appear to cheer when I walk by? I have done nothing to feel proud of :/


Text: Please for the love of all that is holy, give us some new dances!


Text: Adding in an in game calculator would be really great, then my kids couldnt steal it like the one they do off my desk for homework!


Text: Bartender and general merchant npcs should have surprise items to buy now and then. for example, a bartender in greystone yard may have a special brew that he sells only one week of the month. perhaps this brew gives players the ablity to gain more xp for a short duration or turn into something, or just plain knock the player off their feet because they couldn't handle the drink. The merchants can also sell random items that players may find useful such as quick tickets that allow players to zone to another city of the same alignment. its like bus fair. I personally like the animation of avatars holding a drink and taking a sip. A drink that shows this animation would be a wonderful social gesture at holiday events such as sipping egg nog or hot chocolate or even just taking a swig of a mug of ale.


Text: A good interactive gesture would be a handshake. players can target a friend and type /shakehand. this will send the second player a message that wishes to shake your hand. second player clicks accept and the animation kicks in putting both players in in the correct position facing each other and shaking hands. Later on perhaps an animation of some sort of victory gesture can be made such as a punch to the shoulder for the tank types, a high five for mages or even a headbutt would be cool. This would bring players more together in their adventures and allow more social options. thanks.


Text: It would be nice to be able to skip the cut scenes in the Hollow Hedge. I, for one, have had more than enough of Altius and the results of his stomach disorders 8^P.


Text: hai im playing pvp sever .

i think trb bud

why trb charm plyer contrl? crc charm not control :(

charm ha crc no dayo

why trb charm good .crc cham bad :(

trb cast 2sec crc cast 6sec


trb pvp mov speed mo hayasugiruyo

mez mo crc yori good dayo~?


Text: dear SOE

i heard Cure Mez and immunite bimd pot...

we are pure CCers. now all CCers spell add long pvp immunite.

and add a new immunite pot ...? are you hate CCer..?

Not CCers TRBs use runnning charm. control,player,pvp..

but cor 6sec long casting charm, not cast running...

illy finally get peace of mind...but TRB maestro,too...

Not enchanters = TRB. its a scout. their melle cluss. already powerfull.

if get everyone cure Pot, remove enchanters spell immunite.

and recognize, melle > caster ,under pvp...


Text: night of the daad so cool :D

so illusion wolf but ignore my change form.

or shapesift bear already...its mottainai , i think.

so first change sift wolf ?


Text: now that would be interestingsss, shinies that hop!


Text: Bring back the dark elf thong! =P


Text: Make it easier for people to get out of the lava in lavastorm easier hehe


Text: We should be able to, as illusionists, to cast our illusions on people outside of our group. Kind of like a prank of sorts.


Text: I would like it if one of the available character races was the "Mudfin" , the fish people :)


Text: Feature request: training dummies that talk back!

"Ow, quit it!"

"Is that the best you can do?"

"My grandma can hit better than that!"

etc. :)



  1. "Text: Why do the citizens in Qeynos appear to cheer when I walk by? I have done nothing to feel proud of :/"

    - hah. Priceless.

  2. That l33t-speak PVP one made my head explode. No kidding. I had no idea what he said, and now I have brain in my keyboard. :p