Saturday, September 05, 2009

What do players want?

A selection from nightly /feedback reports.


Text: I would like to suggest if you would, a wardrobe for the house that we can put say.. 60+ items into that we wear for appearance armor. Some friends and I were discussing this, our banks are so full of appearance armor that we have no room for other important things. Having the ability to store them inside our home would be wonderful. Please consider this suggestion. Thank you.


Text: Defilers Need A Root Badly !

(Domino note: after living in Australia for 7 years I probably read a meaning into this that the player did not intend ... but it did make me snicker.)


Text: my necromancer's entire RP and lifestory evolves around the entertainment skill Nylph's Misty Image. it's fully animated, so it's very useful, and my rp is very fun and great.

BUT why the hell doesnt it work on mounts?? that ruins my entire RP, and my enjoyment of the game! it's so unfair!!! first i spend months planning the rp, getting everything i need for it, spending money, and BOOM you guys are like "oh sorry, we forgot to tell you, it doesnt work on mounts, so your character isnt worth anything." WHY?? you created an entire game, for crying out loud!! was it THAT hard just to make a small mount animation???? oh sure, the illusion can wear clothes, and dance, and curse, and do /moon, and everything. but ride mounts? no. WHY?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make some free time in your super secrret super busy life to make a mount riding animation for Nylph's Misty Image (i believe the illusion is that of a shadowed man) it's so unfair, in one simple moment my entire rp collapsed, and my gaming experience is ruined! you should have thought of that before you made this entertainment skill!


thank you, have a nice day. ALOT of people are about to start sending in feedbacks about this if it wont get fixed, trust me.


Text: I'd like to suggest the addition of a few new pillar styles to the Carpenter recipies (yes, I know, it's totally a surprise suggestion coming from me =D). Currently there are three pillars: the large and small sandworn pillars and the adamantine pillar. The sandworn are rough white stone and the adamantine is a dark wood wrapped in webbing.

I'd like to suggest adding the following at various skill levels where appropriate:

1 -- Outside the Danak Shipyards in Jarsath Wastes, lining the entryway to the harbor itself, are some very nice square pillars. They have a simple design, with a light brown stone color.

2 -- In the Estate of Unrest, inside the house, there are some elegant golden pillars with an ivy wreath style design etched into the base.

3 -- In Castle Mistmore there is a golden trimmed round column somewhat similar to the sandworn ones, but much more detailed.

Each of these pillars would make excellent additions to the recipie books and would help players trim their homes and guild halls with a nice bit of flair :) (You have to have 37 pieces of flair you know =P)


Text: i was hoping u might reinspect the illusionist character-i think his pet is pathetically weak when it comes to pvp and i was hoping u would concider making him much stronger in pvp as it is -playerS COMPLETELY iGnore pet attacks I REALLY THINK hes the weakest character-but i really like him so i hope you will concider this-ALSO COULD U MAKE PROVISIONING MORE FUn BY MAKING Rare FISH AND FOODS WHICH WOULD GIVE SPECIAL POWERS LIKE JUMPING AND SPEEED AND OTHER UNUSUAL POWERS BECAUS EBEING A Provisioner is kinda boring-thankyou i think this is a terrific game


Text: More hairstyles please =D


Text: """"""""""""""HOOOOOOOOOORAY"""""""" A FREAKIN COPPER CHEST!!!!!!! Thx SONY!!!!!!!!! WOWO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after a Billion Kills!!! Nice work!!! Get the Sarcasm YET!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? JAPAN WILL HEAR OF IT !!! GUAR- ANT- EEEDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Text: A suggestion for a future nights of the dead event. Using an episode of dr who as inspiration, (the one with the weeping angels) have a group instanced quest where the mobs must be kept in line of sight/frozen somehow while completeing a task. If the mobs engage they will banish the group member that they touch out of zone (perhaps with a short lockout timer to make it not possible to just zerg the quest) Watching the dr who episode would really explain the idea well (and it was really creepy besides! hehe)


Text: I really really really really really want there to be a Destroyer of Burynai title !!! Please!!!


Text: Make Titles Do Something

(Domino note: this was the entirety of the feedback, no hint WHAT we should make titles do. Maybe summon pink unicorns?)


Text: New idea for a cloak:

Dead Fish Cloak

Has a large boned fish on the back as a design.

Has an AoE deaggro, with the effect of dead fish smell, maybe with the dead barracuda fumes emmenating from it when wearing.

Note: May attrack the interest of Kerrans - should be added to it.


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