Friday, June 12, 2009

What do players want?

Some (very selective) highlights from this week's player feedback reports.

Text: Combine a dirge and troubador and make a troubadirge! :D troubadirge=uber.

Text: The next expansion better be Odus or the gnome gets it! You hear me?!

Text: Coercer mythical looks stupid

Text: Hello Friends,

It has recently occured to me that it would be very easy and cost effiecient for Sony to produce a new Race of characters are you ready? "The Cyclops" You allready have the graphics and tattoos for them and the animation to boot. It occured to mewhile frappsing a video in poets palace. they could have sweet abilitys see stealth and vizz . 10 meter ranged bonus because of there impressive sight:) think about it its a good idea

Text: but come on guys, seriously.

Burynai Beastlords.

Text: we need a house item that looks like a bottle full of jelly beans. halflings, (and Jethal) would love it

Text: please make eq2 free.

Text: I just wanted to note that yet again the GM team kicks ass.

Last night I had a bout of raging stupidity in which I accidentally looted something I shouldn't have. I sent in a petition, and by the time I woke up this morning the Sanctescere had transfered the piece to its rightful owner.

It only makes the game more fun knowing that the GMs care about the player's so much. This is only one of in a handful of such experiences. Thank you!

Text: How about a command called /holdsalute ? It would be nice to have your character stand at attention holding a salute as guild members walk by. It would be cool for saluting a raid on the way out of the guild hall.

Text: Monkey's should drop a poo that the players can loot then throw like a snowball!

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