Monday, June 22, 2009

What do players want?

A (very selective) sampling of last week's player /feedbacks.

Text: Hi

When EQII first started we were able to change the colors of our undies. I'd like to see this option return. Thank you.

Text: i'd like to see some blood in this game, after playing for so long the cutting noises of a blade or a thump of a club does not immerse me anymore.

Text: So food persists through death, but a dietys blessing does not? We should all be worshiping a fucking muffin!

Text: I think the harvester cloak would make a great beach towel to sell on the station store.

Text: something i think that would make the game more fun would be to add new rare weapons that were sentient and coult talk as well as grow over time if you did things for them and ofchorse taunt people when you beat them in pvp / dules

Text: *chuckles* Thank you so kindly for adding a baloon below Tupta, for us that seem to be clumsy and trip..

Text: OMG we have got to get one of those seamonsters as a water mount....the seamonsters are the dragon turtle things chained to the sheet in the Fens of Nathasar. It would be awesome if we could have a quest reward to ride one and travel the oceans of Norrath on. Please? lol

Text: how about some different mounts besides a horse warg or carpet, how about a flaming pig, or odins horse, 8 legged horse, that'd be cool, but it wouldnt be cool if i had to frickin raid for it, cuase i dont and wont raid, ever.

Text: the Undead Knight VI (Expert) could really use some armor or at least something more then the underwear hes in hehe


Text: You suck

Text: A house item of a boat like a little vienna type boat, or a row boat for the basements of the guild halls would be awesome.

Text: Shapechange into sokokar spell! (Spell for a class that doesnt have an illusion yet) like ranger. [or any other illusion for sokokar]

Text: Would love to see a polar bear transportation system in Everfrost!

Text: In the next expansion you should bring back the Beastlord class. This game really needs a new class to play and i think they would be perfect

Text: Suggestion!!!!....with the jokes about "paper armor", i think it would be AWESOME to have like newspaper (and/or the funnies) armor graphic available!!!

I think players would really love it and have fun with it!

Hope it's a fun and helpful suggestion, have a good one :)

Text: Please implement sunken (in the floor) baths for Housing. Example can be found in Stormhold -102.36, -24.70, -67.89

Text: My Air pet is nekkid!!!

Text: I'm glad to see that SOE is really showing all aspects of greatness .......Just random Thankyou to everyone :)

Text: Sheeps as plushies for the Guild Halls!!!

Text: A mount I'd like to see in the future is a skeletal horse pulling the player in a chariot of bone.

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  1. Glad I discovered your blog.

    I just wanted to add that I think what Runes of Magic did should be a staple of all MMO's.

    The implementation could change but the outcome is that you can transfer the stats of any same-slot item to another similar item.

    So no more clones. I think it's wonderful and gives players more options to dress for success, how they want.

    Even if everyone is getting the same uber-sword because of the stats, you can transfer said stats onto the "cooler looking" sword.

    Runes of Magic does it through items called Aggregators: regular and Advanced.

    regular restrict you to clothing type:cloth, plate, etc...

    The advanced breaks that so you can go from plat to cloth or vice versa.

    It's given me something to shoot for that's more horizontal gameplay where I'm not grinding to level cap, but still having months of fun.

    I'm not only questing or raiding for the armor with great stats, but I also spend hours looking throught the auction house or killing random low level mobs to get armor drops- for the purpose of seeing what they look like.

    All in the hopes of putting together that one complete but awesome outfit.