Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Defiance at E3!

So, E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) has come and gone, and with it the first time Defiance had a hands-on playable demo of our game.  A large part of my time since joining the Defiance team has been helping to get the demo ready for E3 and making sure everything ran smoothly.  Which it did!  The hard work paid off and the show went extremely well with no problems.

And people were very excited to see the game and run around in it for the first time (or drive, on our personal ATVs which are a lot of fun and handle brilliantly).  We also had an exciting new trailer that mixes up footage from the TV show with footage of the game and really highlights the close cross-overs between the two.  Here's a link: 

What I love most about this trailer is the times you aren't quite sure for a moment whether you're looking at the game, or the live actors.  In particular, check out the real and game versions of Nolan, one of the show's main characters who is played by Grant Bowler.  Obviously, the character will appear in both and is just one of the many ways that the show and game will tie together.  I can't talk about any details that haven't already been made public, but I've been very excited to help out with all this planning and I hope it turns out as enjoyable as we intend!

Photo from E3 of the actor Grant Nolan playing the game he appears in - how cool is this?

Here's a G4TV  interview with Bowler himself from the E3 floor:

Gamespy awarded us the "Best MMORPG" award at E3:

Game Informer's review:

The Escapist's review, with a nice selection of screenshots:

Check out this photo of a bunch of the award nominations that were displayed in the booth during the show (this was part way through the day, not sure if this is a complete collection yet):

And if you can't get enough, a whole bunch more links are posted on the Defiance community forums which do exist, although in a very limited state as yet.  Those forums will be expanding over time as our launch date approaches, of course, so keep watching!

We've already got two fan sites I've seen so far, the Defiance Wiki and Defiance Junkies.  It's great to see our future players are as excited as we are.

Keep watching the official site and follow Defiance on Facebook and @DefianceMMO on Twitter to keep up to date with the very latest news!  And I hope we'll be seeing you on the forums soon, and in game in April. =)

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