Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tradeskills on holiday

I'm on holiday in England at the moment, doing a bit of touristing and catching up with family and friends.  My significant other has unfortunately caught a cold though so we're spending a quiet afternoon inside in the warm while he tries to sleep it off, leaving me a bit of time to catch up on email and stuff.  I don't have much relevant to tradeskills to say really, but here are a few vaguely tradeskill-related pictures:

Stonehenge, probably not actually related to druids in any way at all.  But I still wanted to go see if I could gather a blessed leaf from the middle of it, just in case I'd get to port back.  Sadly, tourists are kept back a distance away so no ports for me.  Druids or not, though, it's still an amazing feat of construction.  Apparently, 1/3 of the length of the stones are underground, so it's even more remarkable a RL crafting achievement than is obvious from looking at it.

Next, for the provisioners:  how to make yummy, delicious marmite!  (This is a poster in the Marmite Shop on Regent St., London, where you can purchase all sorts of wonderful marmite memorabilia, as well as indulge in a cup of hot tea and a slice of toast with marmite in their upstairs cafe.)

And last, but definitely not least, an actual suit of armour worn by Henry VIII (now on display in the Tower of London).  For some reason, modern fantasy MMO suits of armor are missing one of the rather, er, prominent features that this suit displays.  I wonder if armorers in EverQuest II would like to make this style?

Happy holidays all!

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  1. Welcome to this side of the pond, hope you're having fun :-)